Independent Political Party

Independent political party is one of the major parties contesting in Chhattisgarh Assembly Election 2018 The other major parties contesting in the Chhattisgarh Assembly Election are , AAP, ABHM, ABSKP, ABSSP, APoI, ASAP, ASP, AVP, BBC.  More +
Assembly Election results ascertain the success or failure of these alliances.

AbhanpurBRAMHANAND SAHU 0 2249(0%)Independent Lost
AbhanpurSHWETA RAKESH SAHU 0 2040(0%)Independent Lost
AbhanpurSHAKUNTALA MANDLE 0 962(0%)Independent Lost
AbhanpurSAVITRI PAL 0 582(0%)Independent Lost
AbhanpurBHUNESHWAR 0 479(0%)Independent Lost
AbhanpurTEKESHWAR CHATURVEDI 0 244(0%)Independent Lost
AbhanpurDEEPAK KUMAR NAVRANGE 0 182(0%)Independent Lost
AhiwaraRAM KUMAR SURVANSHI 0 1513(0%)Independent Lost
AhiwaraRAMBAGAS BHARTI 0 705(0%)Independent Lost
AhiwaraGAIND LAL RAI 0 595(0%)Independent Lost
AhiwaraNANDKUMAR MAHILANG 0 507(0%)Independent Lost
AkaltaraBADRI PRASAD OGREY 0 971(0%)Independent Lost
AkaltaraSHIV KUMAR VISHWKARMA 0 682(0%)Independent Lost
AkaltaraRKS (RAM KUMAR SHRIWAS) 0 552(0%)Independent Lost
AkaltaraJAGMOHAN PATLEY 0 481(0%)Independent Lost
AkaltaraAMIR SINGH 0 308(0%)Independent Lost
AmbikapurTARUN KUMAR BHAGAT 0 2173(0%)Independent Lost
AmbikapurKRANTI KUMAR RAWAT 0 2103(0%)Independent Lost
AmbikapurT S SINGH (BABA) 0 1075(0%)Independent Lost
AmbikapurPARASNATH RAJWADE 0 981(0%)Independent Lost

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