Independent Political Party

Independent political party is one of the major parties contesting in Karnataka Assembly Election 2018 The other major parties contesting in the Karnataka Assembly Election are , AAP, ABHM, ABML (S), AI ADMK, AIADMK(A), AIFB, AIHCP, AIJP, AIMEP.  More +
Assembly Election results ascertain the success or failure of these alliances.

AfzalpurDIGAMBAR 0 590(0%)Independent Lost
AfzalpurWALI MALLAPPA 0 564(0%)Independent Lost
AlandSWAMI SHIVAYYA 0 808(0%)Independent Lost
AlandRATNAPPA RAMCHANDRAPPA 0 393(0%)Independent Lost
AlandANSARI JAHEER 0 199(0%)Independent Lost
AnekalC.NARAYANASWAMY 0 436(0%)Independent Lost
AnekalMANJUNATH V 0 247(0%)Independent Lost
AnekalA.NARAYANASWAMY 0 229(0%)Independent Lost
AnekalAMARESH.Y 0 125(0%)Independent Lost
ArabhaviCHUNAPPA UDDAPPA PUJERI 0 2962(0%)Independent Lost
ArabhaviBHIMAPPA SIDDAPPA NAIK 0 1161(0%)Independent Lost
AthaniRAJESH BABU SHINGE 0 880(0%)Independent Lost
AthaniSHIVAMALLAPPA BASAPPA KULALI 0 725(0%)Independent Lost
AthaniARJUN BHAGAVANT PATIL 0 541(0%)Independent Lost
AuradSANTOSH 0 653(0%)Independent Lost
AuradCHANDAR 0 553(0%)Independent Lost
B.T.M.LayoutSATISH BABU S N 0 333(0%)Independent Lost
B.T.M.LayoutSHABRIN 0 181(0%)Independent Lost
B.T.M.LayoutPRADEEP MENDONCA 0 107(0%)Independent Lost
B.T.M.LayoutYASHWANT NAIK 0 103(0%)Independent Lost

Assembly Lok Sabha