Independent Political Party

Independent political party is one of the major parties contesting in Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election 2013 The other major parties contesting in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election are ABGP, ABHM, AD, AIFB, ASP, BBP, BC, BJP, BMSM, BRMD.  More +
Assembly Election results ascertain the success or failure of these alliances.

AgarBABULAL 0 1156(0%)Independent Lost
AgarRAMLAL MALVIYA 0 1074(0%)Independent Lost
AlirajpurBHADIYA DAWAR 0 1311(0%)Independent Lost
AlotRAMESHCHANDRA BODANA 0 1628(0%)Independent Lost
AlotSANDEEP 0 881(0%)Independent Lost
AlotGANGARAM SHINDE 0 547(0%)Independent Lost
AlotPUSHPA 0 453(0%)Independent Lost
AlotASHOK KUMAR SALVI 0 392(0%)Independent Lost
AmarpatanJANSEWAK MOHAMMAD KHALIL KHAN 0 1147(0%)Independent Lost
AmarpatanDR. SAMPAT PATEL 0 887(0%)Independent Lost
AmarwaraDEVENDRA KUMAR NARRE 0 5092(0%)Independent Lost
AmarwaraSIYALAL UIKEY 0 3632(0%)Independent Lost
AmarwaraMADAN UIKEY 0 1994(0%)Independent Lost
AmbahHARISHANKA JATAV 0 954(0%)Independent Lost
AmlaHARIPLAL BIHARE 0 1209(0%)Independent Lost
AmlaVIRENDRA KUMAR 0 1095(0%)Independent Lost
AmlaKISHANLAL 0 770(0%)Independent Lost
AmlaATULKAR VIJAY KUMAR 0 599(0%)Independent Lost
AmlaVINAYAK ZHARBADE 0 588(0%)Independent Lost
AmlaKUNWARLAL CHAUKIKER 0 584(0%)Independent Lost

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