RPoI(A) Political Party

RPoI(A) political party is one of the major parties contesting in Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election 2013 The other major parties contesting in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election are ABGP, ABHM, AD, AIFB, ASP, BBP, BC, BJP, BMSM, BRMD.  More +
Assembly Election results ascertain the success or failure of these alliances.

AmarpatanRAMAVATAR LONI 0 566(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
AmlaDILIP 0 363(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
BurhanpurMAHESH MAWALE 0 137(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
DatiaTABAR SINGH 0 358(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
GurhRAMKISAN NIRAT (SAKET) 0 474(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
Gwalior EastANAND SHARMA 0 135(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
MaheshwarSHAHANI RAJENDRA KUMAR 0 180(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
NagodRAMVISHWAS 0 249(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
NepanagarMANGALSINGH SANUKASDE 0 1508(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
Rampur-BaghelanSIPAHEE LAL 0 383(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
SatnaSHYAM SUNDAR BARI 0 279(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
SausarFOGAL BANSOD 0 339(0%)RPoI(A) Lost

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