Independent Political Party

Independent political party is one of the major parties contesting in Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election 2018 The other major parties contesting in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election are AAP, ABAD, ABASP, ABGP, ABHKP, ABHM, ABP(D), AD(S), AIDP, AIFB.  More +
Assembly Election results ascertain the success or failure of these alliances.

AgarAMIT PHATROD 0 1066(0%)Independent Lost
AgarMADHU GEHLOT 0 1046(0%)Independent Lost
AlirajpurJALM SINGH PATEL 0 4680(0%)Independent Lost
AlirajpurSHAMSHER SINGH CHOUHAN (PATEL) 0 1654(0%)Independent Lost
AmarpatanOM PRAKASH GAUTAM 0 1908(0%)Independent Lost
AmarpatanRAJIV LOCHAN TIWARI 0 1625(0%)Independent Lost
AmarpatanER. VIRENDRA KUMAR PATEL 0 612(0%)Independent Lost
AmarwaraKALLULAL UIKEY 0 3408(0%)Independent Lost
AmarwaraVINITA AMODIYA 0 2294(0%)Independent Lost
AmarwaraGALIRAM BADIVA 0 1529(0%)Independent Lost
AmbahNEHA KINNAR 0 29796(0%)Independent Lost
AmbahVIJAY KUMAR CHHARI 0 1042(0%)Independent Lost
AmbahGAJENDAR SINGH 0 784(0%)Independent Lost
AmbahSITA DEVI 0 687(0%)Independent Lost
AmbahRAKESH KUMAR GOUR 0 375(0%)Independent Lost
AmlaMANOJ DEHARIYA 0 2391(0%)Independent Lost
AmlaSADARAM JHARBADE 0 1444(0%)Independent Lost
AmlaSANTOSH KAROSIYA 0 1404(0%)Independent Lost
AmlaMANOJ BIHARE 0 1067(0%)Independent Lost
AmlaNAMDEO URFE AAKASH BINJHARE 0 448(0%)Independent Lost

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