BJP Political Party

BJP political party is one of the major parties contesting in Mizoram Assembly Election 2013 The other major parties contesting in the Mizoram Assembly Election are BJP, INC, Independent, JMBP, MDF, MNF, MP, MPC, NCP, NotA.  More +
Assembly Election results ascertain the success or failure of these alliances.

Aizawl EastITHANGCHUNGNUNGA 0 98(0%)BJP Lost
Aizawl North IDAVID LALFAKZUALA 0 137(0%)BJP Lost
Aizawl North IIC LALNUNZIRI 0 60(0%)BJP Lost
Aizawl North IIIBIAKMAWIA 0 36(0%)BJP Lost
Aizawl West IKAPMAWIA RALTE 0 105(0%)BJP Lost
Champhai NorthC .ROLIANA 0 106(0%)BJP Lost
DampaR LALTAWNLIANA 0 121(0%)BJP Lost
East TuipuiLALRAWNA 0 37(0%)BJP Lost
HachhekPAZAWNA 0 155(0%)BJP Lost
KolasibRAMFANGZAUVI 0 159(0%)BJP Lost
LengtengZORAMCHHANI 0 80(0%)BJP Lost
MamitC DARLIANTHANGA 0 100(0%)BJP Lost
SerluiH.A. DAWNGLIANA 0 354(0%)BJP Lost
South TuipuiPC. REMTHANGA 0 53(0%)BJP Lost
TuichawngVICTOR TALUKDAR 0 374(0%)BJP Lost
TuivawlC. RAMKINLOVA 0 63(0%)BJP Lost
West TuipuiZOREMSIAMA 0 101(0%)BJP Lost

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