MNF Political Party

MNF political party is one of the major parties contesting in Mizoram Assembly Election 2013 The other major parties contesting in the Mizoram Assembly Election are BJP, INC, Independent, JMBP, MDF, MNF, MP, MPC, NCP, NotA.  More +
Assembly Election results ascertain the success or failure of these alliances.

Aizawl East IISAILOTHANGA SAILO 0 4815(0%)MNF Lost
Aizawl North IIILALCHHANDAMA RALTE 0 5512(0%)MNF Lost
Aizawl South IR. K. LIANZUALA 0 5167(0%)MNF Lost
Aizawl South IIR. TLANGHMINGTHANGA 0 5835(0%)MNF Lost
Aizawl South IIITAWNLUIA 0 5927(0%)MNF Lost
Aizawl West IK SANGTHUAMA 0 6387(0%)MNF Won
Aizawl West IILALRUATKIMA 0 6575(0%)MNF Won
Aizawl West IIIVANLALZAWMA 0 5765(0%)MNF Won
Champhai NorthT.C. KAPHMINGTHANGA 0 4464(0%)MNF Lost
DampaLIANSUAMA 0 5011(0%)MNF Lost
East TuipuiZORAMTHANGA 0 4128(0%)MNF Lost
HachhekSAIKAPTHIANGA 0 5519(0%)MNF Lost
KolasibLALCHAMLIANA 0 5483(0%)MNF Lost
Lawngtlai EastVANUPA ZATHANG 0 7918(0%)MNF Lost
Lawngtlai WestC.RAMHLUNA 0 8788(0%)MNF Lost
LengtengL .THANGMAWIA 0 5515(0%)MNF Lost
Lunglei NorthDR. K.VANLALLAWMA 0 5298(0%)MNF Lost
Lunglei SouthDR. K PACHHUNGA 0 5780(0%)MNF Lost
Lunglei WestDR. R. LALTHANGLIANA 0 5080(0%)MNF Lost
MamitH.B. LIANMUNGA 0 5308(0%)MNF Lost

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