CPoI(M) Political Party

CPoI(M) political party is one of the major parties contesting in Rajasthan Assembly Election 2013 The other major parties contesting in the Rajasthan Assembly Election are aap, ABAP, ABCD(A), ABHM, AIFB, ASP, BBP, BJD, BJP, BNNP.  More +
Assembly Election results ascertain the success or failure of these alliances.

Alwar RuralHARISH CHAND 0 826(0%)CPoI(M) Lost
AmberRAMJI LAL YADAV 0 1467(0%)CPoI(M) Lost
Anupgarh(sc)PAWAN KUMAR DUGGAL 0 37827(0%)CPoI(M) Lost
BhadraBALWAN SINGH POONIA 0 38552(0%)CPoI(M) Lost
ChittorgarhADVOCATE CHANDMAL GARG 0 1381(0%)CPoI(M) Lost
DantaRamgarhAMRARAM 0 30142(0%)CPoI(M) Lost
DeganaBHANWAR LAL 0 1885(0%)CPoI(M) Lost
Dhod(sc)PEMA RAM 0 43597(0%)CPoI(M) Lost
DungargarhASHOK KUMAR 0 2527(0%)CPoI(M) Lost
Dungarpur(st)GOTAMLAL 0 7058(0%)CPoI(M) Lost
FatehpurHEMENDRA SINGH 0 2315(0%)CPoI(M) Lost
HanumangarhRAGHUVEER SINGH 0 4440(0%)CPoI(M) Lost
Jhadol(st)PREM CHAND 0 5081(0%)CPoI(M) Lost
KaranpurKEWAL SINGH 0 2089(0%)CPoI(M) Lost
KhandelaSUBHASH NEHRA 0 12107(0%)CPoI(M) Lost
LachhmangarhBRIJENDRA SINGH 0 6986(0%)CPoI(M) Lost
LadnunBAJRANGLAL JAT 0 2012(0%)CPoI(M) Lost
LunkaransarLALCHAND BHADU 0 1216(0%)CPoI(M) Lost
MakranaNARAYAN RAM 0 2209(0%)CPoI(M) Lost
NawanCHENA RAM REWAR 0 1283(0%)CPoI(M) Lost

Assembly Lok Sabha