Independent Political Party in Bikaner District

Independent political party is one of the major parties contesting in Rajasthan Assembly Election 2018 The other major parties contesting in the Rajasthan Assembly Election are , AAP, ABAP, ABHM, AIHCP, AP, APoI, ARP, ASP, AVP.  More +
Assembly Election results ascertain the success or failure of these alliances. Below we have listed the results of Independent political party in Bikaner constituencies.

Bikaner EastGOPAL GAHLOT 0 4969(0%)Independent Lost
Bikaner EastYUDHISTHAR SINGH BHATI 0 1266(0%)Independent Lost
Bikaner EastMANJU LATA GAHLOT 0 855(0%)Independent Lost
Bikaner EastYAKUB ALI 0 534(0%)Independent Lost
Bikaner EastADARSH SHARMA 0 321(0%)Independent Lost
Bikaner EastRAJKUMAR KALOD 0 300(0%)Independent Lost
Bikaner EastARIF HUSSAIN 0 293(0%)Independent Lost
Bikaner EastPRIYANKA 0 280(0%)Independent Lost
Bikaner EastPHOOSA RAM BHADOO 0 156(0%)Independent Lost
Bikaner EastPRADEEP SHARMA 0 153(0%)Independent Lost
Bikaner EastRAJENDRA KUMAR PUROHIT 0 107(0%)Independent Lost
Bikaner EastSAWROOPCHAND GAHLOT 0 52(0%)Independent Lost
Bikaner EastHAJI MOHAMMAD 0 36(0%)Independent Lost
Bikaner WestGOPAL GAHLOT 0 6563(0%)Independent Lost
Bikaner WestNARAYAN 0 1007(0%)Independent Lost
Bikaner WestSHABNAM BANO 0 900(0%)Independent Lost
Bikaner WestSURENDRA SINGH 0 389(0%)Independent Lost
KhajuwalaLALIT MOHAN 0 1639(0%)Independent Lost
KhajuwalaTARACHAND 0 1206(0%)Independent Lost
KolayatHANUTARAM MEGHWAL 0 1977(0%)Independent Lost

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