Independent Political Party

Independent political party is one of the major parties contesting in Rajasthan Assembly Election 2018 The other major parties contesting in the Rajasthan Assembly Election are , AAP, ABAP, ABHM, AIHCP, AP, APoI, ARP, ASP, AVP.  More +
Assembly Election results ascertain the success or failure of these alliances.

Adarsh NagarSANDEEP SHARMA 0 1280(0%)Independent Lost
Adarsh NagarKRISHAN KISHORE 0 1067(0%)Independent Lost
Adarsh NagarPAWAN GAUR 0 865(0%)Independent Lost
Adarsh NagarBABA ASHFAKUDDIN QURESHI 0 670(0%)Independent Lost
Adarsh NagarFARMIDA BANO 0 634(0%)Independent Lost
Adarsh NagarAMIT VYAS 0 165(0%)Independent Lost
Adarsh NagarMOHASIN QURESHI 0 163(0%)Independent Lost
Adarsh NagarLALCHAND SAINI 0 120(0%)Independent Lost
Adarsh NagarMOHAMMAD NADEEM 0 114(0%)Independent Lost
Adarsh NagarSHAKIL 0 113(0%)Independent Lost
Adarsh NagarBADAMI DEVI 0 94(0%)Independent Lost
Adarsh NagarMO. ABDULLA 0 88(0%)Independent Lost
Adarsh NagarABDUL AZIZ (BABBIE) 0 85(0%)Independent Lost
Adarsh NagarYOGESH SHARMA 0 82(0%)Independent Lost
Adarsh NagarMOINUDIN 0 65(0%)Independent Lost
Adarsh NagarRIAZUDDIN 0 63(0%)Independent Lost
Adarsh NagarWASIM AHMAD 0 59(0%)Independent Lost
Adarsh NagarBADRI SINGH 0 46(0%)Independent Lost
Adarsh NagarRAJENDRA KUMAR BASWALA 0 45(0%)Independent Lost
Adarsh NagarRAJNEESH GAUR 0 45(0%)Independent Lost

Assembly Lok Sabha