RPoI(A) Political Party

RPoI(A) political party is one of the major parties contesting in Telangana Assembly Election 2018 The other major parties contesting in the Telangana Assembly Election are AAP, ABDBM, ABJS, ABML(S), AIFB, AIJP, AIMM, AISP, ANC, APoI.  More +
Assembly Election results ascertain the success or failure of these alliances.

AmberpetSAI VINAY SINGH 0 136(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
ArmurMASTHA DAYANAND 0 524(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
ChennurTHUNGAPINDI RAMESH 0 830(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
DubbakSUKURI ASHOK 0 469(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
GoshamahalRAJU NOUKADAWALE 0 102(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
HusnabadERROLLA RAMESH 0 702(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
ManakondurKARRE RAVINDER 0 783(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
MusheerabadANANDA T 0 124(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
NampalliDR. AHMED SYED 0 70(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
ParkalELAMADRI RAVI 0 269(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
SecunderabadYELLALA VIJAYA KUMAR 0 61(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
SircillaTHAKKALA KIRAN 0 978(0%)RPoI(A) Lost
Warangal WestKANAKAM SURESH 0 280(0%)RPoI(A) Lost

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